Oh Yes, It’s Bloggin’ Night! ~OR~ Piquers Of My Interest

It’s been a long time coming, this update. Every time I sat down to write about… well, something, I just lost the motivation after opening the WordPress page. Since then, there’s been enough news popping up for a proper update, so why not? I’ve chosen tonight to put up posts here as well as on my own personal blog, so let’s just see what happens together. I’ll start things off with this teaser panel from the latest Digital Unrest. Good, good stuff.

Panel from Digital Unrest comic

Penny Arcade was lucky enough to garner the attention of Monkey Island maker, Ron Gilbert, for their upcoming episodic game, On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Fans of the series are now clamoring for Gabe and Tycho’s first foray into the market they have satirized so well, if possible, even more than before. Of course, nothing helps to rally the troops better than a giant Fruit F***er.

– And speaking of PA, are you loving the increased output of Downloadable Content as much as this webcomic enthusiast? Sure, the drought has again set in this week, but I can’t get enough of the dynamic duo just sittin’ around and hashin’ out ideas. Heck, sometimes it’s a full hour before they even get to the matter at hand, that being the creation of the newest strip. Keep ’em comin’, guys! Oversaturation might kill some brands, but I’m willing to bet your snark and satire are the exception rather than the norm.

– The story is as old as the prehistoric creatures that hunted him, but how awesome is it that rock star webcomicker, Randall Munroe (even has a rockin’ name, sweet!), was hacked during a lecturing session at MIT? Webcomics truly need more stories like this to get out to the mainstream media. Oh, and XKCD is the best geek fest out there. Go now.

– I’m hoping to put up a proper review of the latest three episodes of PvP: The Series once the June ep goes live, but overall, I’m diggin’ what Scott and Kris have started up here. It was slow going (the pilot most likely wouldn’t have gotten the series off the ground in a green light/red light world) but the timing is coming along and the jokes actually bring a smirk to my usually sour puss. And if I can ever get that damned catchy tune out of my head, I’ll be that much saner.

– Widgets! They’re all the rage this week in the Intertubes! First, Rob and Elliot co-creator, Clay Yount, comes up with a handy tool to assist the time-impaired in their webcomic updating cycles and now, eBay comes to the rescue of hundreds, nay thousands, of creators eager to sell their work online! eBay to go is (allegedly) easy to use and inserts a small widget on your page where users can bid on your work. Widgets!

– Through pestering and coersion that I’m particularly proud of, I have three copies of the Brinkerhoff comic book in my possession.  While one of these books is mine to keep (complete with signed cover, thanks Gabe!), the others are set to be delivered to a pair of radio personalities in Delaware.  It’s the tit of getting the elusive book to the tat of helping Gabe reach out to loyal readers he no longer has immediate access to (i.e. he is now ensconced on the West Coast).  Don’t look for a review as the content is largely unchanged from the online strips the book is comprised of, but the product is certainly a quality one and I certainly hope the sales are good enough to warrant at least one more.

– Ever heard of Katie Tiedrich? Googled her name already? Come up with a guest strip for F@NB0Y$? Would you believe that Katie is only 15 years old? If your answer to all of those questions was yes, then you’ve probably stopped reading by now. If not, stay tuned for an interview with the webcomicking youngster. While you’re waiting, check out Awkward Zombie, Katie’s own strip and drop her some encouraging words!


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