What’s Old Is New Again ~OR~ They Shall Be Googled

We all know that survival is the name of the game in webcomics. If you get the traffic from month to month to keep you in everybody’s pull lists, you’re golden; if not, it becomes a question of whether you’re doing it because you love to or if you just want the notoriety that comes with the success.

Three strips have recently broadened their respective ranges by finding yet another host for their work, though each strip is notable enough in its own right to make the change little more than a fool’s hope to own the Internet. Best of luck to them all, though! I’ve read each for some time now and keep up regularly with the stories (or lack thereof, in some cases) from update to update. With their virtual real estate expanding, you have no reason not to do the same.

  • F@NB0Y$, a sharply-written, buddy-gaming comic that already calls Bomb Shelter Comics home has joined up with the already-stellar lineup over at Gamers Pair of Dice, whose collective goal it is to achieve one week’s worth of traffic for all seven of its members that surpasses that of Penny Arcade. If any strip can assist in this enormously unlikely event, it’s F@NB0Y$. (Can I start writing it as “Fanboys” now? That hurts my fingers.)
  • Ever read Ugly Hill? Do you have at least one strip from Viper Comics that you check regularly? If the answer to both of those questions is, “Yes”, then make it one more, as Ugly Hill is now the sixth strip to be inducted into the Viper Comics Hall of Really Good Webcomics That You Should Check Out… Seriously. The VCHRGWTYSCO…S is already home to the cute antics of You’ll Have That and Muffin Time and the back-stabbing politics of the Hill should make for a greater variety in Viper’s stable.
  • Finally, a recent rave of mine has expanded its growing grasp on the hearts of all who read it. Fight the power of Joe and Monkey at GoComics.com at your own risk.

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