Interest Piquers! ~OR~ Bloggin’ On A Wednesday Afternoon

There’s loads of little tidbits floating around in our precious Intertubes and I’ve just got to pick out some of them before the blockage stops all flow of traffic, incoming or outgoing. Come, converse with me…

Hasn’t Joe and Monkey been awesome lately? Sure, I wrote Zach Miller, the creator of the randomest of random duos, a letter detailing my increased adoration for his creation, but with the second collection, The Definition of Awesome, being nominated for another Blooker prize (the first collection won the award for books based on blogs in the Comics arena) it seemed like another great opportunity to shout my praises.


Speaking of webcomics you ought to be reading if you’re not already, Sequential Art by Phillip M. Jackson is the best written, most consistently funny strip that casts catgirls, a human male, and a penguin named Pip as housemates. I don’t have to tell you hilarity ensues. With great frequency. The main page includes more strips and sketches (some of which are NSFW) that I highly recommend. Great stuff all ’round.

Is it possible that The Pet Professional has finally met his match, not from vicious, world domination-starved dolphins, but from the very mind that bore him? If Chad Diez, former artist on that very title, is to be believed in a recent interview, then the future of our favorite animal assassin is certainly in jeopardy. Of course, I’ll let you know for sure once creator Jason Salsbury returns from vacation and responds to my e-mails. If you care about the future of Pet Pro, then you should help me in filling his Inbox.

And segueing smoothly from one bit of DS trivia to the next, what did you guys think of the latest Digital Strips Livecast? The subject of discussion was Achewood and if the peanut gallery is to be believed (there we go again with more plausible deniability) the lively constructive criticism was more of a vicious beating. But the thread stemming from the recorded ‘cast itself is proving to balance out the lashing it took, with our own poor Mr. J. Carr fighting for his right to decline the invitation to humor many fans of the strip swear he’s missing out on. Check it out and keep it in mind when the next Livecast comes around.

It’s impossible for me to start talking shop and not mention Penny Arcade. Luckily, Gabe and Tycho just released the trailer to their first video game, Penny Arcade: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, so I have something legitimately new to talk about. Have you seen this glimpse yet? I’ll admit, as a long-time fan of the game-skewering buddies, I was left feeling underwhelmed with the tease they left us with, but we’ve been reassured the quality will increase with great measure as development continues. If you know anything about video games, you know this to be not only truth, but a necessity of the process, but what say you? Personally, I have faith that time will do this work a lot of good, but do you think it’s already shaping up to be something special for PA loyalists and noobs alike, or are you unconvinced that more time in the oven will do anything to increase the greatness of an already great property?

And I end with celebration! After all, it’s not every day that a webcomic reaches that 1000 strips milestone! But that’s exactly what PC Weenies has done this week! Stop in and wish creator Krishna M. Sadasivam well on his way to 1000 more!

Be good, participate in at least one of the above bits actively, and I’ll see you around!


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