WLWC 2007 Week 2

We’re moving into our second week of the contest and the prizes just keep coming in. I didn’t make it home to see everything but I did get visual confirmation of at least two books. The third book was added over the weekend while I was at NYCC. So here’s three more print books for you to drool over:

Sheldon The Good, The Bad & The Pugly: The second Sheldon™ book collection contains all the pop culture nerdiness and crazy family fun you’ve come to expect from the strip. This book includes the original storylines for Oso the pug and Flaco the lizard, as well as some unique content not seen on the web, like “The Ballad of Rex Chestington”. It’s the perfect book for long-time Sheldon fans and readers just discovering the strip!
Checkerboard Nightmare You know the name. And if you don’t, it’s Checkerboard Nightmare, the five-year pop culture and webcomic parody that upset everyone, including itself.
Here’s 160 webcomic parody strips from the classic series, along with five in-depth chapters about the history and future of webcomics, an interview with Chex, details on the CxN Movie, Hard Action Squad, the full “Fallen Down” storyline, select creator commentary and a comprehensive bibliography!
Devil's Panties Jen has to survive yet another Black Friday adventure with Will’s family in issue ten of The Devil’s Panties. Then it’s Jen vs. the baby as she determines that babies are “the other white meat” and attempts to sauté one for Thanksgiving dinner. The baby is triumphant and goes on to drool another day. As if that’s not a big enough blow, Will’s mother says the most dreaded words ever: “You have baby now!” Does Jen manage to escape the weekend without spawning?

Don’t forget to send your entry by March 19th. With a prize this big there’s bound to be a flood of entries.


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