Brinkerhoff Celebrates 300th Strip! ~AND~ Exclusive Interview With Creator Gabe Strine On First Issue of Brinkerhoff Comic Book

Sure, the majority of the gang is off livin’ it up in NYC at the Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us sit around the office and wait for something to happen. Heck no! And when one of my personal favorite strips, Brinkerhoff, announces the printing of the first ever comic book starring the embittered bunny of the same name, why, it’s time to track down the man responsible for the darkened humor every weekday and ask him a few questions about the huge achievement.

Of course, it was only a few days ago that Brink celebrated 300 strips on these Internets, so what better time to share with you Strine’s own views on the Brinkerhoff comic book:

Alright Gabe, I want as much Brink goodness out of this thing as I can get. How many pages are you clocking in at?

I’ve got this first one clocking in at 28 pages, packed full o’ funny.

Is this intended to be a monthly project or a one-shot to gauge interest?

This is the first of a planned bi-monthly series of comics.

Glad to hear it! More Brink in 2007 certainly equals more happy in this guy’s life. Is it original content, rehashed work from the online strip, or a mash-up of both?

I haven’t had the time to get much new material in this first issue, but there are some surprises. The table’s been set for more bonus material in further issues. If you loved Brinkerhoff on the web, you’ll love it even more in print. I know I do.

I really like the sound of that promise. Will there be any more content in the book than the strips themselves?

All of the original comic liners for the strips are intact and will be included with the strips. The comics, themselves, will appear in their uncensored forms.

Have you nailed down the cost of admission yet?

Cover price is $3.50. Not too shabby.

Given the current, average cover price of $2.99 that most comic books carry, I’d have to agree. Finally, will you have page numbers? I’m really disconcerted about the lack of numbering in comic books and even comic collections these days.

Not to worry. All the pages are numbered.

Well, I’m sold! Unfortunately, you’ll have to head to Emerald City Comic-Con on March 31st to pick up the first copy, but soon after, Gabe has assured us that there will be copies to be had on the website. Congrats to Gabe and check out Brinkerhoff every M-F for full-color, off-color hijinx starring animals of every sort!


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