Your Mom Votes In The WCCAs ~NO~ Seriously, Your MOM Votes In The WCCAs

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After all the hubbub and even hullabaloo (that’s right, I went there) around here about the WCCAs and the questionable clout they have with webcomics as a viable art form and business, I figured it was high time we cranked it up a notch and got EVERYONE involved.

As for my mom’s strip, I will give the address out when she gets back from hiatus. Ever since her first post last week, she’s been inundated with MySpace requests, questions about a possible cartoon, and I hear tell a book deal may be in the works. Truthfully, I feel her strip about two guys sitting on their couch making back-and-forth snarky comments about society while committing violent acts against each other and other, less integral characters isn’t the best out there, but who am I to judge?

Congratulations, Mom! Here’s hoping the hiatus/indefinite hold doesn’t hurt your loyal viewership.

P.S. I’m also working on my pen-and-paper artistic chops, so bear with me through the tumultuous changes.


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