Web Comic Wrap Up

I was trying to come up with a different title for these posts but the variety sent to us has been all over the place. Everything from reaching an astronomical number of updates, to merchandise, to getting slashdotted.

Goats – I know I’m way behind on this but any milestone as big as reaching 2000 strips deserves acknowledgement. On Nov 27 Jon posted this strip that makes a little more since then most of the strips in the real story. Congrats Jon and we all hope that last panel will some day be more then an hallucination.

Dueling Analogs – The master graphic artists behind Dueling Analogs has put together a t-shirt for your buying pleasure. It’s a brown shirt that has “You think just because a guy reads webcomics he can’t start some sh*t?” on the front of it. I’ve always found these general shirts sell better when you first start merchandising. Perhaps Steve will get back to us on how it turns out.

Pet Professional – Chad sent me the heads up that the assasin you love to hate (not that idiot Stalone) is wrapping up it’s current storyline with a bang. What will happen?!

xkcd – Just one day before we did our review Randall found himself at the mercy of a slashdot post. Oh the anticipation. Considering the site already had a lot of listenners I have a feeling they were nowhere near overwhelmed but you should check out the strip that gained them the linkage honor.


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  1. All of your links are broken. My guess is that you added quotes around the urls and your parser decided you wanted to link to a subdirectory on digitalstrips.com

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