We Love Web Comics 2007

We’ve just posted our 100th podcast and we’re quickly coming up on our 2 year anneversary. I believe we all know what that means. The third annual We Love Web Comics contest is upon us and it’s time to figure out what the prize is going to be.

This year the way it works is I’m throwing in $200 of the site’s money as a base. Here’s where you come in. Anything that get’s sent to me between now and the beginning of the contest gets thrown into the pot. Anything in the pot will be photoed and posted with contest in addition to every single item being listed and linked to on the site.

You’re probably asking yourself when will this madness start? Well this year the contest start on Feb. 19th and will run for the typical 4 weeks. The topic of the contest will not be announced until that Monday so we’ll leave you with a little bit of anticipation. If you would like to include your own print/t-shirt/mug/pen/etc. just email us and I’ll send an address for you to mail it to me.

Now this year since I’m actually planing ahead I fully expect the entire web comic community to participate. You heard me, all 8000 of you have an invitation to test the limits of a google inbox.


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