Interest Piquers Mini-Slam ~OR~ Hero By Night #1 In Previews

Greetings, webcomic lovers! It’s your ol’ pal Midnight, reporting for the first time ever from the land of the married folk! The honeymoon is over, the Mrs. and I are gladly celebrating the holidays together and it seems there are some good feelings to pass along in the world of webcomics as well.

Through the magic of e-mail newsletters, the announcement of issue #1 of DJ Coffman’s eagerly-anticipated Hero By Night has been heard ’round the Internets! And not only will the first issue of this classic superhero tale be available very soon, but the comic book ordering service, Previews, has seen fit to feature the webcomicky goodness with a full-page spread!

To make this awesome opportunity a success for DJ, find your local, Previews-enabled comic shop via the Comic Book Shop Locator Service and tell them to carry Hero By Night, or else the terrorists win. People will do ANYTHING when you tell them the consequence is more terrorism.


1 thought on “Interest Piquers Mini-Slam ~OR~ Hero By Night #1 In Previews

  1. They made a minor mistake, I guess the Previews book comes out this coming Wednesday with the ad in it. Some shops got them a week early for some reason. Odd!

    Still– Support HBN! Thank you!

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