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Tokyopop is running a marathon of their print manga The Dreaming, putting a chapter a day online. This is a great boarding school horror story by Australian artist Queenie Chan. The art is beautiful and very suited to the subject matter; it reminds me of the ghost stories in the British girls’ comics I read as a kid. The story comes from an Australian legend about girls disappearing into the outback, but Queenie brings in a Victorian angle that allows for some great costume drama. This one is well worth a read.

Fleen has an interview with Danielle Corsetto, the author of girls with slingshots, who also draws “The Adventures of Bat Boy” for the Weekly World News. How cool is that!

Happy belated birthday to Dueling Analogs, which celebrated its first anniversary yesterday. This is a gaming strip, so the art looks like whatever game it’s drawn from, and the humor is hit-and-miss. Some of the strips, like the Rejected Mega Man Villains series, will appeal to everyone, whereas others are more insider-ish. He even has a strip about Pong. Helpfully, cartoonist Steve Napierski includes notes on the games he is parodying. It should be noted that the humor gets a bit crude at times, so this strip is for the over-18 crowd. In 2006, Dueling Analogs was a nominee for 2006 Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards in the Outstanding Gaming Comic and Outstanding Site Design categories.

DC’s Vertigo imprint has made the first issue of each of their series available in PDF form for free download on the web.


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