Web Comic Wrap Up

Just a reminder everyone that we’re still looking for another host on the podcast, especially if you have a background in art. The good news though is I might have found another writer to join the staff but that’s still in the works so keep giving me page views to find out. On to another installation of what’s going on in the world of web comics.

Jim Reaper – It looks like a new web comic from Silent Devil has been announced. Who is Silent Devil Productions? Just one of the sponsors behind Devil’s Panties so you know they have good taste. This strip may not have a devil but it does have the Grim Reaper taking a holiday to avoid an imminent breakdown. The hilarity ensues when his replacement ends up being his cousin's nephew's son Jim.

Supernatural Law – Continuing the news of print comics putting their wares online for everyone to see is this strip. Wolff & Byrd had their humble beginnings in 1979 as “Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre' running weekly in The Brooklyn Paper. One year ago since Sept 19th Batton Lash made the big move to reach a bigger audience by posting his comic online. His plans appeared to have paid off as the comic is consistently in the top 10 viewed strips at Webcomics Nation.

PC Weenies – Kuddoes to Krishna for his coup. It looks like the hugely successful geek site BBSpot is replacing Fuzzy Logic and debut yesterday. The toon will continue to be published at pcweenies.org. New installments will appear concurrently on both every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


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