Diesel Sweeties Newspaper Deal ~OR~ Humility Before Celebrity

If you enjoy yourself some web news in the morn as much as I do, then you’ve probably already come across the news item detailing Richard Stevens’ recent deal to have the angst-ridden pop-culture-fest, Diesel Sweeties, printed in countless newspapers via the United Feature Syndicate. In the press release/blog post, Stevens details that, while this is the achievement of a lifelong dream, he won’t forget who brought him to the awesomely kickass party.

It’s a pretty cool deal: I get to do newspaper comics, while still maintaining my own copyright, website and t-shirts. The best part for me is that there will still continue to be new comics here on the DS site!

And even with this newfound audience and exposure, Stevens says that he feels it is just as important to remember his roots and continue building his already sterling online reputation.

I’m psyched to get to do the one job I really wanted as a kid, while still maintaining my identity as web cartoonist. Throw in a pony and I’ll have burned through all three wishes in one go.

Now, in terms of content, Diesel Sweeties is not the most mainstream comic. You’ve got young adults being VERY emo and referencing every pop culture item on the week’s agenda. Do you think the target audience will get what Stevens is trying to say? Will robot-on-human relations be a part of the printed storylines? What do you want to see in the newspaper iteration?

And so we don’t end this celebratory post on a downer note, congratulations to Richard Stevens! The achievement of a goal in life is a success not to be overlooked and this is certainly a BIG one.


4 thoughts on “Diesel Sweeties Newspaper Deal ~OR~ Humility Before Celebrity

  1. My guess would be the paper version would need to be a little, slightly different tone, or he’ll run into problems with editors pretty fast– BUT it can be done pretty easily if you’re creative enough, and he certainly is.

  2. Will the pixelated style translate well in the ever-shrinking space of a newspaper comic strips? Does he have to change up the artwork for the print editions? His artwork fits perfectly online, but after the microscopic newspaper reproduction size and in B&W, the quality may suffer. Regardless, congrats. Nice to see webcomics branch out.

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