Web Comic Drama Is Easy

I think we’re all pretty aware that if there is no drama this week then there will probably be some next month. Some times the drama can come out of left field with articles in the New York Times or a new history of web comics book being released but usually most drama can be tied back to short list of people. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are my favorite people if only because they are the bread and butter for news sites like this.

Digital Strips Comic 37
We mention three guys here, who else would you add to the list as the personalities that love the drama?


4 thoughts on “Web Comic Drama Is Easy

  1. Is it wrong that I’m laughing so hard over this? I mean, I’ve never had any problem with any of the personalities mentioned but their past ‘moments’ have been well exaggerated to me.


  2. Man, why is William G included there? Thats more like a spider, a piece of lint that got caught in your eye and is irritating the crap out of you, and a scorpian in a jar.

    Your eye would also have to be in a jar which I suppose would add to the irritation.

  3. My mantra is typically “stay out of the loop” involving drama, but when it does enter my sphere it usually bears the name of D.J. Coffman. Of course that hasn’t been true lately, but the mental connection between him and drama is still firm in my diseased little brain.

  4. It’s probably because the name of my comic rhymes with Drama. 😉

    I’ve been pretty lax on not getting involved in shit, but like the last couple of weeks, people PULL ME into it by twisting words around, etc. If you speak your honest opinion, it usually does get you in trouble because sometimes people can’t handle the truth or they’re appalled when you say it.

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