Please Rewind #1 Now On Sale! ~OR~ It’s A Book!

Chris Cantrell, the great craftsman behind the webcomic, Please Rewind, is proud to announce the long-anticipated release of the first issue of Please Rewind: The Comic Book! Featuring full-color, digitally restored strips previously found only on the Internet, the 16-page, full-color goodness can be yours for only 3 bones! That’s right, 3 bucks (plus shipping and handling, some additional fees may be included, void in states that don’t matter) and this gem can be yours! Pop on over to the Comixpress store now and pick up your copy! Or two! Maybe even three!

And it’s FULL-COLOR!

Seriously though, while the strips are full-color, they are still reprints of stories you can already find online for FREE. So what’s the drive to drop 3+ dollars on something you need not pay for? I dropped Chris a line to ask him about the content and this is what he had to say:

“…Future issues will feature new strips tossed in here and there (the Halloween issue, for example, will be at least 50% new material). I haven’t had the best of luck with big, more expensive collection books so I’m going to try releasing smaller “comic books” and see if they are more reader friendly. This will be the only way to get the strips in print form for the foreseeable future…”

And there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. So support the cause and give Chris some money so he can afford to put more original content in the book. You know you want it.


1 thought on “Please Rewind #1 Now On Sale! ~OR~ It’s A Book!

  1. Another note: While I’m certainly hoping a lot of online readers will pick up a few issues I’m also hoping that the strips in this form will attract new readers outside of the internet.

    There are an alarming amount of people who still don’t know about webcomics so this is my attempt and punching into that market.

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