A Word… On “Making Lightening”

Posted recently on The Web Comic Examiner is a lengthy interview with comic creator, connoisseur, pioneer, and hippy-sherpa-figurehead Scott McCloud on his new book “Making Comics”. Everyone has their opinion on Scott McCloud and his ideas (I am no exception) and usually they are very polarized. Some people think the guy is a genius while others view him as a bit of a hack, but certainly everyone is united in owning a copy of his first book, “Understanding Comics” and loving it.

I am also guilty of owning and loving his first book as well as his infamous second, “Reinventing Comics”, where the dichotomy of opinions began. Most of all I am looking foreword to his third book, “Making Comics” (due to release sometime in September 2006), and I am certain I am not the only one. But what will his new book address? What of the questions I have had towards his other works? (Including his old title: “Zot” of which I am still confounded into knowing nothing about). Well my friends… Enter the interview I am speaking of now.

In this interview Mr. McCloud goes into detail about all of those things and a little bit more offering a few nuggets of actual content as well as a comprehensive list of things to expect. I love this look into Scot McCloud’s old works as well as this teaser of his newest one and I would like to take this short moment to thank his interviewer: Joe Zabel for being as thorough and prepared as he was as well as for posting so gosh-darn much of it.

As to you my faithful readers of thine Digital Strip virtue: Go forth and enjoy this interview as I have. Truly it doth rule!


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  1. There was a time in the pre-dawn era of the webernet that McCloud\’s Understaning Comics was the only info around. In fact for the first 15 years of my drawing career, I only had his book, a Wil Eisner\’s graphic novel, Drawing Comics The Marvel Way and a Jack Hamm figure drawing book for reference material. That\’s it. Understanding Comics sewed a lot of things together for me. I think it is a mandatory read for anyone interested in comics. And it is so informative, that it should be re-read every 3-5 years. Do I need his newest book? I don\’t know yet.

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