DS Comic Update. Yes, It’s Another one

Excuse me, yes, is that a bandwagon? Have room for one more do you? Great, I’ll just hop right on …

Ok, I sketched this out a couple days ago after seeing one of those commercials for the 40th time. I thought they were clever the first couple times, but enough already. Seriously.

Then I noticed that this was a popular parody target amongst real cartoonists who are far better than I as was mentioned before. Oh well. I figured I would finish mine off real quick and post it now rather than waiting until next week when it would be a tired joke.

Sorry Pookey, just add this one to the pile. By the way, you forgot to mention this one from DJ, this one from Today: The Comic and this one from PC Weenies.

I don’t think it’s fair to accuse folks of copying or stealing ideas. We all draw from the popular culture that’s around us and this commercial, played again and again ad nauseam, screams for geeky attention. An onslaught of parody was probably inevitable.

Macs are better. Seriously.


8 thoughts on “DS Comic Update. Yes, It’s Another one

  1. Heh heh Nice strip Zampzon. I was writing a comment to Pookey\’s article when you posted this one. Thanks for the mention. ; )

  2. I believe the guy who posted was pookey and not pokey. Also I understand that this is popular culture right now but having the same set up for a joke as 2, 3 or even 4 other comics makes it less funny each time.

  3. That may be true Meg, but the real joke here is that these were all done separately at the same time.

    Maybe we can think of it as an overall joke, taken as a whole, on how often these commercials are being played.

  4. I know in my case, I was just sitting around writing and saw these damn commercials and thought it would be funny if the suited guy went postal. He looked like the type. I didn\’t want to get into an actual MAC vs PC debate– I\’m more about the funny violence.

  5. You\’re right zampzon. Now that I slept on it and quit being retarded I also find the humor in it. When i thought it was just scott kurtz and tim buckley doing it i thought it was a copy cat issue. I already wrote scott kurtz an email apologizing for my misguided view. By the way since this is only my second or third post let me say that this site is awesome. I\’ve advertised for you so I hope more people have been coming.

  6. First off, if it\’s parody, how can it be copying someone else? Isn\’t that automatically what it is? And since each strip has a different punchline or point to get across, the argument for or against copycat issues is irrelevant.

    That being said, I found each strip to be amusing or thought-provoking in its own way. Go nuts and threaten bodily harm on others? Yeah, I can see that when referred to the overly conservative man representing the PC. Add another spark to the PC vs. Mac war? Sure, why not? It\’s each artists take on this controversial, pop-culture permeating ad that make each strip just one joy after another.

    I may also be the only person to like these commercials. I dig both the actors and the message, though blatant and condescending, appeals to that bit of \”I want to see a fight!\” inside us all.

  7. By the way, the suited guy is author and humorist John Hodgman (who wrote the book Areas of My Expertise).

    I think he also hosts (or hosted) a lecture series in Brooklyn that often spotlights (spotlighted) different NY cartoonists.

  8. He\’s also been on the Daily Show a few times … which was recently added to the Apple iTunes lineup of video downloads for … iPods! Ah Ha! CONSPIRACY!

    Just kidding. That guy is really very funny on the Daily Show, his \’straight man\’ conservative routine is dead on.

    I might also point out that he isn\’t an \’old guy\’. He isn\’t all that much older than the blue jeans guy. I guess the suit and glasses just have that effect.

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