[Post] Garfield Funny Again?

It’s been awhile since I’ve made my rounds of the webcomic news sites and I was surprised by just how much I had missed. The nicest surprise has been a recent post by Eric. Growing up I have always loved Garfield. I even have the very first book ever published. You can imagine though how disappointed I was to find the strip never grew up with me. As much as I love cats that lovable fat cat never changed and kept telling the same old stale jokes about his weight and torturing Jon and Odie.

That’s why I was so happy when Eric pointed me to Truth and Beauty Bombs where there is a fantastic thread on how to make Garfield funny. Just get rid of Garfield’s thought balloons. My first thought was to realize that the cat was always speaking through thought balloons indicating he was never communicating with John. Second that damn is Jon pathetic. It slowly dawned on me just how pathetic it was for Jon to be talking to a cat that doesn’t talk back, and doing it often.

I never thought I would be alive to enjoy Garfield again.


3 thoughts on “[Post] Garfield Funny Again?

  1. i\’m really glad you included the message board link, because i really think this MackJ guy deserves an award or something for this. It\’s genius.

  2. I honestly never imagined I could laugh at another Garfield comic – but wow! – it\’s SO much funnier without Garfield\’s thought balloons. Jim Davis should definitely take note.

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