Zampzon’s After-Holiday Mega Post

Greetings webcomic fanatics! I have returned from my journeys abroad refreshed and ready to continue the Digital Strips mission, bringing quality comic content to the forefront of the web browsing populace.

To kick things off for 2006 I’ve been pouring through the pile of email that gathered while I was away. Here are most of the things that struck me as potentially interesting to our readers. I haven’t finished reading through all of Comixpedia, Websnark, I’m Just Saying, and the rest of my webcomic news trawl, so if I’m late in reporting any of this … tough!

Comixpedia site redesigned. The good folks over the webcomic world nexus, Comixpedia, have launched a brand new redesign of the whole site. The overhaul really opens up the site and makes everything much easier to find and read, at least I think it does.

The Asylumantics creator, Chris Cantrell, is about to release a reference book for his excellent web based comic. The book will include character bios, fan art, maps of the locations featured in the strip, and a whole lot more. Having a thoroughly fleshed out world like this shows a lot of passion and depth for his creation, everyone should definitely check this out.

We recently reviewed the funny superhero parody comic, The Amazing Super Zeroes. Soon after the review we were informed that their first full collection of comics has hit print over on Lulu. You can check out the full color version here or a black and white version here (I recommend the color).

Alpha Shade’s Alpha Rant releases their first audio box set and animated DVD, giving their fans an unbelievable 107 hours of audio and one full hour of animation! Christopher and Joseph Brudlos the creators of the webcomic Alpha Shade, have been doing an audio commentary/rant show since the summer of 2003. Now at long last, all of their audio archives have been compiled into the ultimate Alpha Rant collection. These guys never disappoint, have a look! launched new issues for both of their comic titles, METADAWN and NOCTURNAL ESSENCE. To commemorate the new releases, they have opened up their archives. Visitors to the site can now read all short stories and feature length issues for free.

As part of Emory University’s “Evening at Emory” curriculum, Hogan’s Alley editor Tom Heintjes will deliver a lecture and slideshow on the history and development of the comic strip on Wednesday, Feb. 22 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. If you live in the Atlanta area and wish to attend, here’s a link to a course description and registration:

The countdown to New York Comic-Con has begun. The NY Con will be held in the Jacob Javitz Center, New York City, February 24th to the 26th. If anyone is planning on attending be sure to let us know and maybe we can all meet up at some point.

Sluggy Freelance goes 3-D. A comic was posted as part of Sluggy Freelance that is in the same red/blue format that the 3-D comic books use and can be seen using the same type of paper glasses. Very cool effect! Thanks to Joe Kovell for pointing this one out.

Chris Baldwin is back from his hiatus with more new projects than seem
humanly possible. (

The ZOINKS! Magazine website has a new domain home: The site has been updated with the new issue cover art by Gisele Lagacé, and they’ve decided to keep the $6 for 6 issues special subscription rate for a little while longer in celebration of ’06.

Be sure to keep your webcomic news and announcements coming by emailing us at

I think that just about covers everything I missed while I was away. Everything else was already posted about as near as I can see. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a few announcements, including a major show format change and a new contest!


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  1. Hey! This post repeats a lot of my stories I already went over. Now I know for sure Zampzon never reads my posts.

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