PixelStrips.com Gets ‘Sam and Sam’

We received a new press release from PixelStrips about a new comic being added to their roster. Here is what they have to say:

“January 14th, 2006 Raleigh, NC Pixelstrips.com, a web-based comic community has added the hilarious comic from the down under creator, Christian Barratt, “SAM AND SAM”.

“SAM AND SAM” follows the adventures of Samuel, a six year-old boy, after an ancient samurai warrior suddenly appears beside him at the park one day

The samurai, whom Samuel names Sam, is not eager to play babysitter to a tiny child and leaves to discover why he was brought forward in time by a thousand years. But he soon learns that he may have to rely on little Samuel if he wants to survive in this strange world of make-overs and Microsoft.

According to Kevin Volo, PixelStrips creator, “This is one of those submissions you can’t believe you get. A funny, touching story that really reminds me of classic ‘Calvin and Hobbs’ strips. It’s a great comic.'”


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