24 Hour a Day Goodness Goes Into the Unknown

Twenty-four comics have become one of the defining tests of web comics artists but how do make your comic stick out when so many others have gone before you? You could always make yours longer and longer until you’re awake so long you can’t tell the difference between reality and the strip you’re drawing. On the other hand instead why not divide up the comic into 24 hour pieces and have your readers vote on the direction for the next week? That is exactly the premise behind Into the Unknown.

This little strip is hosted on Acid Dimensions and is an undetermined length 24 hour comic series. Every day Behrooz B. Shahriari publishes a 24 hour comic and leaves a little vote link at the bottom below it. The voting does not go into specifics beyond reactions and general directions but Behrooz does take the comic in the direction of the voting. The style is fun but there’s a serious lack of story as is to be expected from a 24 hour comic. Most of the words you’ll find are in the last day and is used mainly as a lead in to the voting. So run over and make Behrooz’s that much more fun and difficult by voting.


1 thought on “24 Hour a Day Goodness Goes Into the Unknown

  1. Thanks a lot for commenting on my effort. Makes me all… *sniff*

    I would like to mention that I only leave the voting link at the bottom of the \’Into the Unknown\’comics. and that\’s just a small fraction of the \’24-a-day\’series.

    Also, whilst there aren\’t any words (other than sounds effects) on any page other than the last, I\’d dispute the claim that there\’s a serious lack of a story. Although, I suppose there are fewer panels than many might like… giving way to less of a story… hmm. I\’ll concede that point. Maybe.

    Lastly, when you say \”Most of the words you\’ll find are in the last day\”I think you meant to type \’page\’

    But, in any case, it\’s really nice to know that people are noticing my stuff.

    Thanks for the wee article-majigie.

    When I finally catch up on par, I\’ll be able to say I\’ve beaten Mr. Lasyboy…

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