Please Do Not Go Up The Slide

A new collective is storming the interweb and they call themselves Playground Ghosts. Steve Hogan, Colleen AF Venable, Chris Dlugosz, Chris Yates, and David Malki have decided, collectively, that the internet didn’t have enough awesome and so Playground Ghosts was formed.

I regularly read Chris, Colleen, and David’s comics. I do not read Steve or Chris Dlugosz’s, but if Yates, Venable, & Malki are associating with them on purpose and loudly, I’m certainly going to start.

the Playground Ghosts are–

Acid Keg (Steve Hogan)

Fluff in Brooklyn (Colleen AF Venable)

Pixel (Chris Dlugosz)

Reprographics (Chris Yates)

Wondermark (David Malki !)

PS: Colleen, you should have said “and I’ll form the head.”
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