Here I Dreamed I Was a Snarchitect

Congratulations and what the kids are calling ‘Mad Props’ to Eric Burns and Greg Holkan for their Centennial Strip together on Gossamer Commons.

Also, if you go to websnark, which is Eric’s website, you can read all about anything I might have posted here. Why? Because Eric is that good…

I’ll get you yet, Burns!

I will do a quick bulletin list, though, because we like bullets at Digital Strips, even though I don’t think Zampzon has drawn Daku being shot yet, I’m sure we’re all thinking about it now.

Nip/Tuck, or, the internet gets a facelift
*Penny Arcade
*Rob & Elliot
*Schlock Mercenary
*Evil Inc.
*Krazy Larry
*Pet Professional

It is presumably all these shenanigans getting in the way of the Blank Label Comics Podcast

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2 thoughts on “Here I Dreamed I Was a Snarchitect

  1. I’m waiting for a chance to point people towards Atland too, unfortunately, Nate hasn’t made news… just a staggeringly well made comic that shames everyone else in terms of layout and visual construction.

    Isn’t that ironic?

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