Greystone Inn Victim of Hostile Takeover From Evil Inc.

There must be something in the water cooler over at Blank Label Comics. On the heels of the Melonpool re-tooling and Checkerboard Nightmare waking up we have Greystone Inn coming to an end. In it’s place Brad Guigar will be updating Evil Inc., which follows Lightning Lady, a recovering super-villainous, who takes a job at the company formed for super-villains by super-villains. Run by Evil Atom the corporation serves the many needs of supervillains in today’s marketplace — from Lair Construction to Henchman Outsourcing. The new site for Evil Inc. goes online Nov. 14 with many improvements. From the PR:

The comic, for example, will be presented much larger — allowing the detail of the artwork to be seen more clearly. And along with the registration-free tagboard, which allows readers to post their messages in real time, Guigar will also post a blog on the site, featuring comic book news and reviews and behind-the-scenes information about the comic strip.


2 thoughts on “Greystone Inn Victim of Hostile Takeover From Evil Inc.

  1. This annoucement coincides with Brad stopping Greystone altogether. The Greystone website is now merely an archive for the original strip and there will only be updates on the new Evil Inc. site.

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