Interviews at Comixpedia

I have always found Comixpedia to be an excellent site for news but I often overlook that the team has interviews, reviews, columns, and an assortment of features. There’s a recent interview with Maritza Campos of College Roomies From Hell that reveals just how long it has been running and where he gets his source material. For features make sure to catch the new Pen to Web Tutorial by Quinn Fleming. This should help me learn at least one thing useful when it comes to web comics.

Always my favorite are the Essence of … and Feeding Snarky columns by Ping Teo and Eric Burns. Both are some of the best commentators and reviewers in our small little world. I’m sure you remember Eric’s porn column but don’t gloss over Ping’s discussion of Drama. Then there’s the occasional column from a non-regular such as Erik Melander how wrote a great breakdown of the infamous NY Times article. So run over and browse through more then news.


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