Muffin Time Releases Their First Book

The funny look at irony and absurdist humor that is Muffin Time the web comic has let us know about their first book being released. Here is their announcement:

After over 150 comics, from the exciting Ted Danson vs. Tony Danza saga to the introduction of Kidnemo, the udders, Muffin Time ( has compiled it’s first book with over 150 comics. In addition to works archived online, there is also a bonus 10-strip storyline about the birth of Randall and Kidnemo that can only be found in the book!

Each page features commentary by the author, Bryan Chojnowski, as well as local ranter Sam Garles. Also featured is a sweet Foreword by David Tekiela of comet 7 ( fame!

You can purchase the book through their online store.


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