Modern Tales Creator Makes Inroads To Slight Notoriety

We received a press release today from the web comic “!Pass” announcing some changes. Here is the full release:

Creator of Modern Tales’ charming Genre City, Benjamin Birdie, has launched !Pass today, an online collective of several pieces of sequential narrative, both in print and on line. Designed to offer almost daily content to readers (leaving Saturdays for golf, fishing, and the occasional Toblerone), it features his Modern Tales favorite Genre City: Plan B, an all new work of fiction that also takes place in Genre City, Lonely Information, and a lighthearted look at America’s Soft Drink Underground: The Kings Of Pop. In addition to those regularly updating features, !Pass will include a weekly look behind the scenes with Ben At Work and When Sundays Strike! will offer a rotating stable of stories, illustrations, and strips.

To commemorate this occasion, Mr. Birdie has not only graciously offered the entire week’s worth of content “early” by releasing it today, but he has put an entire 10 page short story up as the first installment of When Sundays Strike!

All strips are viewable free of charge except for Genre City: Plan B, which will be serialized simultaneously on !Pass and Modern Tales. However, Mr. Birdie has made sure that subscriptions to the Plan B archives on !Pass are included with any purchase of merchandise on the site.

Is this guy chained to a drawing table or what? I mean, wow.


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