Do the Elderly Deserve Our Respect?

When DS first launched we had some pretty strong opinions about where the print industry is taking comics and how web comics should simply take over. Since then we’ve mellowed and learned it’s just a little more complicated and there’s reasoning, although flawed, behind syndicates keeping the same old strips around. How would the world change if the print industry were repaired and their misconceptions throttled into the 1950’s where they belong? First they could listen to readers such as Bob Mackey who wrote a rather scathing article concerning the state of comics.

Perhaps one of the biggest points Bob makes is how some if the comics in the funny pages are so old that they have new and younger writers. So why keep these dinosaurs around? Skim through his list of comics which should be removed and see if you are just dumbfounded why these are still around in an age of 8000 web comics.


3 thoughts on “Do the Elderly Deserve Our Respect?

  1. Yes! The funny pages of the newspaper should be razed to the ground!! As progressive as webcomics are supposed to be, many work in a newspaper-strip format, but the material is oh-so-fresh! I barely crack a smile at the funny pages these days, but I really enjoy strips like PVP and Ugly Hill!

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