BifSniff Relaunches Site, Frank Finally Gets Credit

The excellent and surreal play on words single panel comic BifSniff has entertained me for a while now. It was a very early weekly pick of mine, we talked about it on our 7th show, and I’ve read it ever since. There’s also an interesting blog on the site that does a good job of debating and editorializing happenings in the web comic world.

Well, the guys over at BifSniff have just relaunched their site with a whole new design. Kudos to Frank for finally getting credit on the site. When I first came across the comic and reviewed it I had no idea Frank was involved and even issued an apology to him after the review show went online for not mentioning him. It is now clear there are two guys involved with BifSniff and I love the presentation of both their blogs. Well done guys!


3 thoughts on “BifSniff Relaunches Site, Frank Finally Gets Credit

  1. Hi, I\’m Brian of the Brian and Martin comics on Bifsniff. Seeing as though you love the site, you obviously love me too. Thanks man – I appreciate it!

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