Webcomic Telethon Extends Extra Day, Digital Strips Contributes

As you all know the Webcomic Telethon has been running for the past two days, updating the site every 20 minutes with new comics donated from cartoonists across the web and asking people to donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief effort. According to Brad Guigar, telethon organizer and patron saint of web comics, the response has been so big and so positive the telethon has been extended by at least a day. Over $26,00.00 has been raised so far making this whole effort a resounding success. Since the telethon is still in full swing please be sure to get your donations in!

I contributed a Digital Strips comic to the effort and the telethon ran it earlier this morning. Here is the comic I did:

As you can see, this is the first time I’ve attempted to use color in a DS comic. I think it turned out OK. Because of the size requirements, in the actual telethon this comic appeared with a different panel layout.


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