Digital Strips the Comic Update

Today’s comic is a little reflection on the differences of opinion that goes on around here at Digital Strips. It is also my clever attempt to tie in the random strip I posted in the last second during the last comic update. I’m showing two versions, the color and black and white versions. I’ve been playing around with coloring the strips recently and I am still not sure which I prefer. Let me know which one you think is best.


6 thoughts on “Digital Strips the Comic Update

  1. I like the colored version a little bit better. BTW, did you notice the strange effect on Zampzon\’s shirt when you open both versions in tabs and switch back and forth ?

  2. One thing overlooked is that the colored version also has the pen shading. I can\’t really say which is better until I see what it\’d be like without all the pen-shading marks. They make the color-shading look redundant.

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