Web Comics Scavenger Hunt Contest Update

With August half over I thought it was a good time to remind everyone about our ongoing contest, the Web Comics Scavenger Hunt. We’re asking people to gather a list of links to comics about Pirates (no more than 5 comics from any one site) and send them into us. The deadline is midnight of the last day of August. We want you to gather a list of links to comics on the web that have something to do with Pirates. You can get all the details on our scavenger hunt page.

The winner this month will receive a graphic novel from Alpha Shade, a prize really worth the time and effort to enter the contest. These books are beautiful and the content top notch.

So hoist those sails and swash those buckles, find as many comics about pirates as you can. Remember, only one entry per person, so be sure your list is complete before you send it to us!


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