Web Comic Scavenger Hunt : Pirates Sighted!

Here is another update on our ongoing contest, The Web Comics Scavenger Hunt. This month’s topic for the scavenger hunt is Pirates and we are looking for the person with the longest list of links to comics about pirates (no more than 5 links from any one site). I’ve come across a few good examples of the type of links we’re looking for, so have a look at the sort of links we want to see.

1: It’s Walky pirate reference
2: PC Weenies one shot with pirates (check out the cameos!)
3: Johnny Crossbones – the first page in an ongoing comic about pirates.

Remember, we want the full list of pirate comics you’ve found on the web by midnight on the last day of August (the 31st). These links are fair game for including them on your own list, but there a lot more pirates out there to find. Happy hunting!


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