The Trend Continues With the Launch of Boxcar Comics

It seems like there’s a new collective being create every week but in Boxcar Comics there’s an all-star line up. Twelve different artists have banded together to form this brand new group. What makes this community truly special are quite a few of the members have already been reviewed by us. Pop Quiz! Name the ones that have been on previous shows:

Beaver and Steve
Bigger than Cheeses
The Coffee Achievers
Hey Suburbia
Joe and Monkey
The Kenmore
Rob and Elliot
You?ll HaveThat

From the press release:

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’ve finally assembled all our forces and we’re ready to fight for justice… or maybe just pie. The site is brand spankin’ new [but] the functionality is there, though, so feel free to join up and make the illustrious first posts… Over the next month or so, we’ll be unveiling some cool new site features that will directly involve you, the reader (yes, you!), including a webcomic phenomenon that will take the internet by storm. “Frankencomic”. I’ve said too much…


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