PAX 2005 Writeups from Slashdot and GameSpot

PAX 2005, the Penny Arcade multi genre convention, has finished up and closed it’s doors. CmdrTaco, the head contributor to geek news source SlashDot, was on hand to report on the event.

Here is an excerpt from his report: “For me the highlight of the weekend was the ‘Make Monday’s Strip’ panel where the process of actually creating a single Penny Arcade comic was put up on a giant screen for thousands of fans to watch in amazement. Ok, so they cheated a little and pre-sketched the strip, but to actually watch Gabe ink and color all 3 panels in like 45 minutes was really cool to see. I used to do a lot of cartooning back in the day too, and I can only imagine the stress this put him through: drawing is hard, and to do it under the megascope of a couple thousand people, even tho the masses are fans, well he handled it well. To see him hold aloft his “Wacom Pad the Size of an Aircraft Carrier” like some sort of bizarre 2001 monolith was very fun. And somehow Jerry manages to spew forth a vast quantity of words, most of which get laughs. Talented boys, these two.

You can read the full write up here.

Update: Video game news site GameSpot has also posted a report on the event. According the them attendance to PAX ’05 reached 9,000 this year. Plans for next year’s event are already underway. Read the full GameSpot report on their site.


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