Little Gamers Offer Latest Book … For Free

We just received this press release from the guys behind Little Gamers. It appears that their latest book is being offered as a free download to their fans and readers. Here are the details from the announcement:

The creators of the vastly popular online comic “Little Gamers” ( releases a printable PDF- version of their first book for free at their site.

This electronic version of the book which was first released in printed form is available for immediate download through the Little Gamers website. Down loaders are allowed to distribute and share the electronic copy of the book and print a copy for personal use.

“We decided to do this since we made enough money to break even, and felt that people that can’t afford the book should at least be able to browse it and/or make their own copy in the privacy of their home.” says 26 year old Little Gamers writer/artist Pontus Madsen. – “Little Gamers believe that if you like something enough, you’ll support it anyway.” adds 25 year old creator/artist Christian Fundin.

Little Gamers is a free online comic about gaming, the internets and every day life in general. It has been the staple of the true hardcore webcomic and gaming fan since its birth in 2000 and is still attracting new readers daily. Little Gamers is made in Sweden.

Information is best kept free. One love.


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