The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the Print World

With the continued rise of web comics as a true medium one can’t help but poke fun at the print world, but even we have to admit there is good out there.

The Good – On Aug 4th Ted Rall posted a shocking strip concerning how there have actually been 9,000 deaths as a result of the Iraq war.

More Good – The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J. is actually seeking the opinions of its readers by running samples of 13 strips that are candidates to buy from syndicates. They are also running stories covering topics such as why it’s changing its comics lineup, “legacy” comics with new artists, comics and their connection with readers, comics over the years and an attempt to figure out where comics are headed.

The Bad – What kind of world do we live in when one of the biggest news stories in print comics is Cathy Guisewite releasing “The Wedding of Cathy and Irving” from the Cathy strip?

More Bad – Doonesbury is actually edited before being printed in several newspapers. The strips in question references Karl Rove’s actual nickname given by President Bush, Turd Blossom. Of course Trudaeu was completely justified in having a hissy fit.

The Ugly – Boondocks upsets Christian Right by simply using JC’s name as part of a joke. These guys can’t be serious as the line “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, LET HER IN!!” was used to make fun of Oprah Winfrey and not target any of these people who are now trying to move Boondocks from the comics page to the opinions section of newspapers. This is the perfect example of why syndicates is having a tough time bringing in fresh new strips.


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the Print World

  1. Rall has recanted the story. I\’m no fan of this administration and believe it is capable of dishonesty, but in this connected world, SEVEN THOUSAND DEAD AMERICAN SOLDIERS is a little difficult to conceal. I think Rall\’s a fine satirist, but he shouldn\’t try to be a journalist unless he\’s going to try a lot harder.

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