Astronaut Elementary Moves to WebComics Nation

You may have noticed an absence of posts concerning Webcomics Nation but we’ll get to it in a later post. That doesn’t mean that we can’t cover the move of Astronaut Elementary from Girl-A-Matic to WCN. Websnark has a great comment on what this means as AE is one of GAM’s higher profile players, it recently won the WCCA Outstanding New Character Design Award. How many more Manley strips will make the move and is it the first step from being a strip that’s part of subscription to being it’s on independent and self supporting comic?


3 thoughts on “Astronaut Elementary Moves to WebComics Nation

  1. What does that comic have to do with the news post? Is it also hosted on Webcomics Nation?

    Speaking of Webcomics Nation, I just signed up for an account last night and will probably be playing with it this weekend. Really plain looking but seems to have a nice feature set so far.

  2. There\’s a time and a place to plug your comic and it isn\’t now, bub.

    Anywho, I\’m reading AE now thanks to this post. 🙂

    – Josh

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