Save ConnectiCon

While reading through the various wrap ups of ConnectiCon that artists have been posting I discovered a big problem. The history behind ConnectiCon recently has been somewhat shaky in terms of finances. The multi-genre convention used to be housed on a college campus, but had to be moved due to a sudden increase in the fees charged by the college.

This year it was held in the brand new Hartford Convention Center and while attendance was very solid the financial take from the con didn’t cover all the expenses and has left the owners $35,000.00 in the hole. Not a good thing. Since ConnectiCon is one of the few cons out there that treat web comic artists well they have started to band together in an effort to help out. Save ConnectiCon is a web site put together to try and help ConnectiCon and is part of the efforts being put out by Ctrl Alt Del, AppleGeeks, 8 Bit Theatre, and others. They are asking for donations and support. Auctions for original artwork will also be appearing on eBay in their efforts.

Daku and I may have only been to one ConnectiCon, but we really feel it is something worth helping. We saw the respect and high quality treatment being given to the web comics community and we certainly hope ConnectiCon can continue. I’ve added a banner to the site on our page for the time being, so please go and help support this excellent con and spread the word if you can.


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