Gun Street Girl Moves to Panel2Panel

The excellent strip Gun Street Girl by Barb Lien has picked up Wicker Man Studios and migrated from Graphic Smash to the new free site Panel2Panel. You may recall not to long ago Amber “Glych” Greenlee moving to this very site with No Stereotypes and Red Dahlia. The archives are now free and restarting with four stories and a new one every month. From the press release:

“For one thing, this move will be much better for the flow of the stories,” said artist Ryan Howe, “with each story appearing all at once with each update. Barb has always been careful to write Gun Street Girl so that each and every page would be an exciting installment, but it was done as a necessity at the time. I feel that each story can only benefit by being read all in one sitting.”

“Basically, our goal in making Gun Street Girl a web comic was to reach as wide an audience as possible,” said writer Barb Lien-Cooper. “However, we’ve learned that being on a site with a pay subscription wall was counterproductive to our purposes. Since there’s no real corollary between the degree of professionalism of a web comic and whether it’s free or pay, and since some of the web audience finds pay sites to be a turn-off and a distraction, we feel this move is the best thing for us to do.”

As you can see GSG will start updating once a month instead of Barb’s past Mon-Wed-Fri updating. The question becomes if updating once a week might cause readers use to coming 4 times a week to only visit once a month lowering her overall traffic. Web comic readers can be slightly unforgiving when it comes to schedule changes.


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