Scott McCloud Demands Apology from Penny Arcade over Documentary Snub

The story surrounding the much talked about documentary film on web comics that has caused such a stir among cartoonists and readers continues today.

Scott McCloud, author and cartoonist behind the famed books Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics, has published a very public criticism of the guys behind Penny Arcade over the comments and comic they posted about the upcoming film, Adventures Into Digital Comics, and the filmmakers behind the project. The page, titled Why Tycho Owes You an Apology, is a shot back at the Penny Arcade guys for what Scott McCloud says, “… did real damage to the reputations of real people on false pretenses.”

The post to the site accuses the motives behind Penny Arcade’s criticism to be that of bruised ego in not including them in the film rather than their stated reason, over the top pretension. McCloud’s site also includes photos of “Gabe” and “Tycho” (aka: Jerry and Mike) in response to what McCloud says was a personal attack on the filmmakers’ appearance in the Penny Arcade comic strip that ridicules them.

We’re seeing responses from all sides on this, but a reaction from the filmmakers themselves still has not surfaced. Their web site for the film is still unavailable and has been since the trailer originally went online and began getting attention.

More on this story as it develops.


3 thoughts on “Scott McCloud Demands Apology from Penny Arcade over Documentary Snub

  1. good night, this whole thing with that documentary is becoming one giant play ground brawl. Even though people feel that the documentary is way to serious at least one is being made.

    I dunno…Gabe and Tyco should just grow up.

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