Newspapers may evolve but not the readers

Here at DS we love to take shots at newspapers but we realize the decline of the printed word can’t be placed solely on the business itself. There are newspapers everywhere trying radically different approaches to bring readers and increase circulation but innovation always has a tendency to fall victim to the masses.The North County Times of Escondido, Calif. began soliciting reader cartoons about six weeks ago and doesn’t turn down cartoons containing opinions with which it might disagree. BRILLIANT! The only criteria seems to be decent drawing and about local topics. Yet after only 5-10 prints there is already controversy over a cartoon showing two old men spotting a scantily clad girl walk by a sign with San Marcos High School’s name on it.

First old man: “What would you call a young girl who wears sexy clothes?”Second old man: “Eventually, a ‘young mom’!”

The newspaper had readers sending upset letters and threats to cancel their subscription. At least the paper had the balls to stand up and ignore requests for apologies. Now if only we could prove the paper secretly enjoyed the slight increase in circulation due to the controversy.


2 thoughts on “Newspapers may evolve but not the readers

  1. Wow! That\’s my old home-town newspaper! They even published one of my political cartoons about 10 years ago. It featured two senior citizens playing golf.

    Senior 1: \”That\’s the trouble with kids today. They don\’t know how to work for anything.\”

    Meanwhile, behind them was a kid carrying their golf clubs with the words \”SOCIAL SECURITY\” on the side of the bag.

    Several angry letters followed.

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