Zen of the Web

I think I’m in agreement with xerexes on this one. I would like the idea of the web zen more if there was some kind of explanation on the site. From the title I can only assume that through a collaboration of a lot people with intelligent insight a list of topic relate sites are posted and supposedly these sites transcend that which is the web. Of course I’ve been know to blow a lot of hot air but then if you go to the site you’ll see that I can get away with saying almost anything.

What I will say is that it is quite a fantastic list of web comics with three we’ve already reviewed on the podcast. Run over to the list and please someone explain the purpose or even better, tell me I’m right.


2 thoughts on “Zen of the Web

  1. A site which doesn\’t even bother to tell me why it exists beyond offering to send me \’five links with the goal of amusing me\’ after I click the subscribe button from an initial position of blindness is… a site that is steadfastly unimpressive.

    Good on them for their minimalist design principles, but they\’re so minimalist they forgot to give me any reason to be interested. I mean I feel I\’m a victim already by having risen to comment on something I feel shouldn\’t even have come to my attention in the first place!

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