UComics syndicates Yenny

I never thought I would hear this happen but it looks like UComics is actually syndicating Yenny. We’ve reported before on Comics Sherpa and our disdain for forcing artists to pay for posting their strip online. It looks like this approach is finally paying off for David Alvarez who also is a member of the Modern Tales group. I never had a chance to get around to Yenny but after reading it thanks to this announcement I’m going to have make an effort to read through the archives.


3 thoughts on “UComics syndicates Yenny

  1. \”Why be another nail on the wall when you can be the picture that hangs from

    I like that. Not so fond on the actual strip itselff, though.

    -Jimmy (imryll.roxcomics.com)

  2. Good to hear that – let\’s just hope it doesn\’t turn into another UComics fiasco like what happened to the Bondia/McCurdy duo of \”Suzie View\” fame – they were offered syndication only for being axed three months later. Some deal! And the strip was actually funny and gracefully drawn, they just had to give them some time to mature.

    Times definitely change. When Charles Schulz started drawing \”Peanuts\” in the 50s, his earliest attempts were too naive and mediocre at best, even for his era. If the syndicates of that time were obsessed with the quick buck or looking for the next \”Garfield\”, as it seems to be, he probably wouldn\’t have made it past a month, and Snoopy probably would never have existed.

    Just my couple of cents…

  3. PEANUTS got an extra pass because it was extra-small. The price of real estate on the comics page was rising rapidly and the idea that a strip could be fairly entertaining in half the normal space appealed to editors.

    That, and the adventure strip was starting to cough blood, while the situation comedy was cleaning up on television.

    Syndicates have *never* been all *that* patient with a syndicated strip that doesn\’t make a big splash. PEANUTS worked for editors and soon enough for readers, and after that Schulz started to really hit his stride.

    But Beto makes an excellent point. Syndication is not the end of the story, just the beginning of Act II.

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