Penny Arcade Book Details

One of the most polarizing comics on the web, and one of my personal favorites, is Penny Arcade. Love them or hate them you’ve most likely at least heard of them. Their popularity and notoriety reaches far and wide across the web comic micro-verse so it would seem only natural that Gabe and Tycho would have a high selling printed book of their comic. However, that is not the case.

Until now, that is. According to a series of posts made on the Penny Arcade site by Gabe, a long running legal battle with a book publisher has left Penny Arcade printed material in legal limbo for the past five years. Recently those legal issues have been resolved and publishing rights have been turned over to the two comic creators. Photos of their first book, which sparked the initial problems, can be found in the post. A box of what is left of the original print run of their first book were released to them after the resolution. They’ll be selling them at a reduced price during their appearance at Sakura-Con 2005, but more importantly this means they are now free to publish printed books and again sell them on their site.


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