Introducing The Last Drop

Today marks the launch of my own web comic, The Last Drop. Right here on the Digital Strips site I’ll be updating new comics three times a week. This is something I’ve wanted to try for a while now and here it is.

The Last Drop is about a group of people who spend probably more time than they should hanging out in a city coffee shop, talking about life more than living it. The situations and characters I’m writing about are drawn from my own life and the three or so years I spent hanging out in a place very much like this. They always say to be a successful writer you should write what you know.

The question I’ve had to ask myself while working on my own comic is why am I doing this? What is going to keep me motivated to try and keep it up? I think the wrong thing to do would be too look towards other artists and try to figure out why they are creating comics on the web because that invariably leads to me trying to be like, and produce work like, the artists I admire.

The answer I came up with is simple, I want to become a better cartoonist. This will be my own personal driving force. Only practice can help me improve and not just constantly doodling in a sketchbook. It takes bringing a thought all the way through to completion to really crystallize all the things I want to improve and work towards in my work.

So, here you go, yet another web comic. I hope people like it, I hope there’s an occasional chuckle out there, but most of all I hope I learn something. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Introducing The Last Drop

  1. Kudos, Zampzon, for jumping into the fray of webcomicdom. Looking forward to seeing more of your \’toons. Keep it up!


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