Least I Could Do

I can’t stop laughing at this one. Every guy wants to be Rayne but we all know the best we can do is to find a Rayne and be his wingman. Least I Could Do, by Ryan Sohmer and Chad WM. Porter, is a strip about a group of friends spending time together. Most notable are Rayne, who is a guy’s definition of a player, the only reappearing female Melissa, Rayne’s roommate John, and Rayne’s near opposite Mick. The writing is outrageous and centers on Rayne’s plots to get in bed with the opposite sex and all the problems these cause. Mixed in with the stories are random jokes and situations which together are funny enough but when taken as a whole strip makes for a very excellent sitcom. The artwork has evolved over the years from good sketching to color drawings to today’s high quality work from Chad. Overall the strip is always fresh and most of the time will surprise you on different deliveries to the same old sex jokes.


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