Crap I Drew on my Lunch Break

Jin Wicked is a young studio artist out of Houston, Texas. She is one of the few talented people able to make a full time living out of her artwork. I get the feeling that the commission work she does leaves a little wanting sometimes, which is probably why she created the excellent web comic ‘Crap I Drew on my Lunch Break‘ (

The comic is very much like a journal comic that we’ve discussed before. It’s a four panel, 2 X 2 layout and features Jin, her boyfriend, and moments from her life. She writes about experiences with clients, store clerks, and sometimes just her random feelings, most often in a very funny way. She also comments on current events and expresses her political views making the comic a pretty eclectic read.

Jin has an original design style for the comic and exhibits some excellent ink work. Every panel of the strip is full of expressive detail while at the same time the characters are never lost on the page and always remain the focus.

Another interesting aspect to this comic is the fact that Jin, as a studio artist, is also a business woman when dealing with her art. Every page of the comic is for sale. You can purchase any of the original comic pages you see. She also has an online store set up where you can buy the strips on coffee mugs and t-shirts. All this makes her work not only fun to read but fun to collect, a great aspect to a web comic.


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