Other Comics Related Podcasts

Comics related podcasts are still pretty rare, but there are a few others out there doing interesting things.

Check out Comicology.net (www.comicology.net) for a cool podcast by Neil Gorman. Neil is a tried and true fan of comic books and each week talks about his most recent trip to his local comic book shop and has some really interesting picks to discuss. He’s also said some very nice things about us, so check him out for more print comics related talk.

You can also have a listen to the podcast Meanwhile, which doesn’t have it’s own site yet, but can be found on T. Campbell’s blog (tcampbell.net) until it does. They have two shows online now including one show that contains a tribute to Will Eisner.

One other podcast you might be interested in is Geek Foo Action Grip (www.geekfuactiongrip.com) by Mur. She gives a longer name in the podcast, but she says it so fast I can never catch it. This podcast explores a lot of ‘geek’ related culture which sometimes includes comic books and web comics.

If anyone knows of or hears of any other comics related online audio shows be sure to let us know.


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