HB Comic-Blog Gives Digital Strips a Digital Bitch Slap

Ok, the review wasn’t that negative, but that headline caught your attention didn’t it? Rob Stevenson runs the web site Journey Into History. The site is home to his web comic the HB Comic-Blog (my weekly pick from show 7) where his two comic characters review other web comics and various other sites. He solicits submissions from creators looking to be critiqued and his comic characters dig in.

After talking about the HB Comic-Blog on our show I submitted Digital Strips for the online roasting and Rob had a lot to say about us, podcasts, and about reviewing web comics in general. He commented on our amateurish presentation and questioned the very need for such a show. To be honest, it was pretty cool to be treated so seriously.

In our own defense, if you listen to the latest show some of Rob’s criticisms have already been taken to heart. We have done away with the news section. If you want the news you can read the blog. We are getting back to the main point, introducing people to web comics we find interesting. We are trying to be more direct and to the point with our reviews and hopefully cutting down on our perceived ramblings. The radio SFX are long gone too.

All in all it was a fair review and we appreciate the criticism and advice for making our show better. We are still getting started with the show, it’s only been two months so far. Hopefully Rob will give us another shot later on. Thanks for the comic / review Rob, it was fun!

If anyone else is looking to get an honest, educated, and indepth critique about your web comic head on over to Rob’s site and send him your URL. The result may not be flattering, but it is guaranteed to be insightful.


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