Example of Innovation in Web Comics

The majority of web comics I come across follow layout patterns reflective of their print predecessors. There’s usually the comic strip with a horizontal series of panels or the typical printed comic book page layout. I’m fine with these conventions, they offer a sense of familiarity and comfort that allows comic art to translate to the new web based medium.

However, these design elements are holdovers from the restrictions of the printed page. Apart from being useful in making readers comfortable, the use of these classic layouts is probably also due to many web artists’ aspirations to eventually get their creations into print.

So, coming across an artist who is pushing the boundaries of web comic layout by making use of the less limiting potential of the internet is especially interesting. Merlin of e-merl.com has recently posted a very interesting hypercomic. It’s all black and white and displayed in Flash and has a very interesting navigation scheme. It makes the comic almost as fun to explore as it is to read. I highly recommend you have a look.


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